MSR Platinum 35 ST – The best choice for studio/theater lighting

MSR Platinum (Studio)

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MSR Platinum 35 ST has been specially designed for the studio/theater world, where consistent high-quality light output, high brightness and excellent color rendering are important. This lightweight, compact system delivers intense, cool-white light for the most amazing light experience. It’s a powerful and innovative tool, giving lighting designers far greater freedom and delivering the same good light quality as other MSR lamps. The exceptionally short arc generates sparkling, bright light, and the lamp’s ultra-compact design makes it suitable for smaller lighting fixtures. The MSR Platinum 35 ST lamp has a balanced spectrum with extra red content for enhanced color rendering.


High beam intensity, high brightness
Freedom to create smaller and lighter fixtures
High perceived brightness
Easy and fast lamp replacement
A long and reliable lifetime


Very short arc
Compact system
High Correlated color temperature
Philips FastFit technology
Philips Platinum technology
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